A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The Little Seeker is on a mission; find a new place for their people to live - before they run out of space. Help them navigate New Adelaide, a once-bustling metropolis that is a little bit spooky... Reignite the city and discover why it was abandoned in a the first place.

Movement: WASD - Left Stick 

Camera: Mouse move - Right stick 

Jump: Spacebar - A 

Use: Left Mouse Button - X 

Unlocked Level 1: 
Doublejump: Spacebar - A 

Unlocked Level 2:
Hover: Right Mouse Button - Right Trigger

Made by Team Adelaide:
Patrick Webb @superspry SuperSpry - itch.io
Darcy Holmes
Thomas Meakin
Peter Cowen https://poidah.itch.io/
Lucia Van Sebille

Mac notes: If you get an unverified developer warning the first time you open, close it and control + click the application a second time. Press open and accept the security warning. This comes up when a developer is not officially registered with apple. 


The Little Seeker 0.2 Windows 353 MB
The Little Seeker 0.2 Mac 349 MB

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