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In the modern office world of temperature arguments, reheated tuna aroma and music disagreements, there's only one mature way to deal with disputes...

Xbox  controls
(Keyboard controls not properly supported)

Start - Menu 
Select - Back 
Lock in - X 
Jump - A 
Dodge - A (while moving)
Light hit - X 
Heavy hit - Y 
Crouch - Left stick down 
Block - B 

Design & Code by Patrick Webb
Environment/UI art by Darcy Holmes
Character art by Tom Meakin
UI Support by George Martin
Music by John Oestmann

PC controls (for testing really)

Start -  Enter
Select -  Escape
Lock in -  Click centre screen
Jump - Space
Dodge - Space
Light hit -  left click
Heavy hit -  right click
Crouch - Ctrl
Block - Middle mouse button


Office Brawl.rar 387 MB

Install instructions

Unzip file and launch exe. May need to run prerequisites (included). 

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