A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Stealing from the Royal Mages? What could go wrong! Avoid deadly fire from magical towers by stopping and rewinding time using the power of your newly “acquired” magician’s cloak. Use its power to escape the castle no matter how many times they throw you in the dungeon!


Dan Freer @freerdan - Art
John Oestmann @john_oestmann - Audio/Music
Mark Videon @markvideon - Code
Patrick Webb @superspry - Game Design & Levels
Sean Mansell @arknano - Game Design & Code

Technology Notes: 

Better played with a controller. Press P to skip levels if needed. 

On Mac if you get an unverified developer warning the first time you open, close it and control + click the application a second time. Press open and accept the security warning. This comes up when a developer is not officially registered with apple. 


Chronomage 1.0.7 Windows.zip 36 MB
Chronomage 1.0.7 Linux.zip 37 MB
Chronomage 1.0.7 macOS.zip 43 MB


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This is great fun :D